Monthly Archives: January 2015

Research and experience show that parents can help their students prepare for (and succeed in) college, in several ways: Establish the expectation of success – Students who plan to enroll in college and expect to succeed, are far more likely to do so than those who don’t. This begins at home with parents who nurture high expectations. Teach time management skills – Average students who manage their time well are usually more successful than strong students who lack these skills. Parents may be the best teachers of time management. Encourage math – The probability of earning a college degree goes up 40% when students take Algebra II and Trigonometry in high school—assuming they do well. It’s even higher with pre-calculus

Getting into college is easy; the hard part is getting out! The research has identified several factors that contribute significantly to student success in higher education: • High expectations – Students who believe they will succeed in college are more likely to do well than those who don’t. Parents, teachers and peers can encourage that belief. • Academically prepared; algebra and calculus – The probabilities of earning a college degree go up by 40% if students take Algebra II and Trigonometry in high school—and do well. This increases to 93% with pre-calculus and calculus.