Intriguing Research

Human Rights Watch World Report 2018

This report brings together the most important human rights data from than 90 countries and territories around the world. You can use the interactive link to check on human rights issues in a particular country, download the report, or purchase a hard copy.

This is clearly the best compilation of human rights data that I have seen. If you care about these issues and are interested in keeping up to date on developments around the world, this is a very helpful resource. Here is the link:

College Completion Rates Fall Again

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center has just published a new report on the national six-year college completion rates for the incoming class of 2009. Sometimes known as the “recession class,” the 2009 fall cohort slipped 2.1% below the six-year completion rate for the 2008 cohort. Only 52.9% completed their baccalaureate degrees within six years. Although the data showed declines almost across the board, the largest drops came among older students and those attending full-time. When students leave college without a degree after six years, it’s not only a loss to the individuals but also a cost to society. We have to do a lot better!

To see the full study, go to the web site for the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center and look at Report #10.