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How Americans View Higher Education: The Great Divide

A new Gallup Poll has identified a sharp divide in how Americans view higher education today. While 56% of Democrats (and Democratic-leaning Independents) have a great deal (or quite a lot) of confidence in our nation’s colleges and universities, only 33% of all Republicans (and Republican-leaning Independents) feel the same way. Those who are unhappy feel that way for different reasons.

The Republicans (and Leaners) are concerned about what they perceive as the political stance and agendas of American colleges and universities. Those Democrats (and leaners) who lack confidence in higher education institutions feel that way because of the high cost of college, their perception that colleges are not well-run, and their concern that students are not getting good jobs when they graduate. Republicans are seeing the problem through political eyes; Democrats are grounding their concerns in economic terms.

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